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About Lee Simonds

As the son of an Alaskan bush and commercial pilot Lee Simonds enjoyed traveling at an early age. His mother was a school counselor who taught Lee not to give up no matter what the cost. Lee spent the first eleven years of his life living in Alaska. When he was 11 he moved to Vermont due to his father switching airlines. After high school Lee went to a small college called Castelton State College where he studied Mass Media Communications. During and after college Lee worked as a door-to-door salesman selling Electrolux vacuums. He picked up the art of sales quickly and was even named as one of the top part time salesmen in the nation! When he turned 25 he decided it was time for a change and applied for Jetblue Airways as a flight attendant where he still works till this day 15 years later. Jetblue gives Lee the ability to travel the country and establish himself as a national actor.


Lee was first bit by the acting bug while living in Boston at the fairly late age of 31. Since then he has appeared in more then 20 independent films, several commercials and has had a successful career as a print model. One film by the name of "Millwood" even made it into the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Recently Lee worked on a short film called "The Other Woman" Lee played a disturbed man who was cheating on his wife with a call girl. The movie was submitted and became a semi finalist for a Ridley Scott online film competition. Lee has worked on several TV shows including "My Crazy Ex", "Cry Wolfe" and, Unusual Suspects.  


In his spare time Lee enjoys spending time with his beautiful 16 year old daughter. He is an expert snow skier, an avid mountain biker, and studies Muay Thai boxing when he has the time. He is also a world traveler and has visited Iceland, Sweden, and Tahiti to name a few! Please find the links to his website, reel, IMDB page and resume along with some pictures that best represent Lee.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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